Friday Fotos: A Vain Goose and more


© 2013 Debi Coleman

I live near the Wichita Wildlife Refuge and most weekends will find my family and I out climbing rocks with cameras in hand.   This last weekend I caught a goose appearing to admire her reflection in the water.  It made me laugh.  I realize the goose is actually fishing, but it’s funnier if she’s admiring herself, and I think she belongs in a painting.

The refuge is home to tons of species including : buffalo, elk, turkeys, prairie dogs,

DEB_7133  (this buffalo cracked me up… he was soaking his feet on a hot day)



DSC_0233   and of course snakes (yikes!!).   I almost stepped on him.


It’s a beautiful place , with deep shadowy valleys and towering rock cliffs.  I still miss the pine forests and crystal lakes of Western New York, but it’s hard to resist the allure of standing on the rock peaks in the ever-present wind.

DEB_7481aDEB_7766aDEB_7509  Hope you enjoyed the photos.  Back with artwork next time.