after the store….and foto Friday

Tyna and I opened our Etsy store the beginning of August.  You can find it at www.etsy/shop/TybiStudio .   It’s been an undertaking for us to get enough work together to launch a shop and we appreciate everyone’s words of encouragement and support.

We are both working consistently in our studios, but at a much slower pace.  I am first of all a homeschooling Mom, and with the beginning of a new school year my schedule inevitably turns to other things.  Tyna is a young mom with little ones, and this season of her life is a busy one.

The blog will have a broader scope in the coming days and weeks. So often we think of art in a very narrow way, like a picture that you can hang on the wall.  However all of life expresses art and I want to share that.   I’m also looking forward to hosting some guest bloggers….

As for foto Friday…. I am a transplanted Okie…. originally from NY.  Rodeo is NOT something we do up there.   I love the fact that it IS something we do down here.   These photos are from my sons Micah and Joe.

065   Fort Sill always kicks off the rodeo with a demo of an old fashioned cannon salute.  Micah caught this one just as it fired.

DSC_2590  Joe caught this one of the ultimately disappointed cowboy.   It never ceases to amaze me how angry these horses get at even the thought of someone sitting on their back.

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend.