The Elusive Heron (Foto Friday)

I have a son-in-law who insists that everyone is entitled to one irrational fear.  He uses this to justify screaming like a girl over spiders (even small non-hairy ones).  I’m going to morph his philosophy to add that everyone is entitled to one irrational quirk.  If you know me well, you may say I’m stretching the point to only own one….but that’s a different post.

I love herons.   There is no reasonable explanation for this quirky fascination.  They are muddy-colored, drab, and odd; but I love them.  I’m fascinated by them, and am determined to get some wonderful photos of them to use for painting.  (The fact that you haven’t seen a heron in any of my work gives you a clue as to the drift of this post).

Fortunately for me, Oklahoma is loaded with herons and egrets.  Unfortunately for me they are all camera-shy.   Egrets look like white mini-herons.   I’m getting desperate enough that I include them in my photo attempts.  The only problem with egrets is that they hang out with herds of buffalo and longhorns. My family isn’t thrilled with me sneaking into the herds.  They think I have thrill issues.  🙂

The bottom line here is that I have hundreds (yes literally hundreds….and no I won’t bore you with them all) of lousy heron pictures.  What’s worse is that they are mostly of their back ends as they fly away from me.




Or I catch them at some awkward angle…..


At this rate I think I’d better go to the zoo and decide to feature a captive bird in the paintings.  🙂 Meanwhile I’m still chasing herons, and hope you have a great weekend.