Homeschooling: What I wish we’d done differently…

I could probably write a hundred of these posts.

 After 7 kids and 27 years there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of things that could use a “do over” or a “do better”.

That’s not intended as any kind of “downer” statement.  It’s just true.

So, for better or worse here are a couple of thoughts on the subject.

** I wish I’d remembered that kids don’t always know what’s best for them, or like what’s good for them.**

That’s easy to see when we’re talking about baths,

tooth brushing,


 eating marshmallows exclusively while feeding their broccoli to the dog.

Academically it’s harder to see.

It’s easy to forget that kids still don’t know what’s best for them, or like what’s good for them, even when we’re talking about math or writing.

I wish I’d always listened to my gut rather than their complaints and given them what was best for them; whether they thought they wanted to be a nuclear physicist or not.  Yes, one of them was sure she would never use Physics because it didn’t interest her.  She ended up teaching high school Physics, and her college road would have been easier if I’d have been firmer.

Others were sure that spelling was obsolete due to spell check, that they were never going to give speeches, or write novels.

On the other hand, I don’t regret caving in to one of my more creative kids who circulated a petition through our church to get out of dissecting an eyeball.  In the first place I don’t personally LOVE dissections anyhow, and the eyeball is a little grim.  But more importantly if she would go to all the trouble to write and circulate the petition… I just counted it as a civics lesson and picked a different dissection.  Incidentally, I was shocked at how many signatures she got.

 Apparently lots of people don’t want to dissect an eyeball.  I wonder why?


**  I wish we’d prayed more as a family.**

Personal prayer is the lifeline of your Christian walk, and of a homeschool mom especially.

I get that.

However your children hear your heart when they hear you pray, and their hearts are knit with yours before Almighty God.   Let your children share in the requests that make your heart ache and burn. It will teach them what really matters.  When God’s answers come, the rejoicing will be that much sweeter because it’s shared.



 ** I wish we’d taken more pictures.**

I’m sure this seems like a frivolous comment, but in the hustle and craziness of everyday life pictures just didn’t seem to make the daily “to do” list.  We did some crazy fun things in school, and most of them unfortunately are memories without picture prompts.



  ** I wish I’d always gotten up earlier than the kids.**

I am not naturally an early riser.

Mornings, it always seemed to me were for people who liked that sort of thing.

I was not one of them.

One year the Lord led me on an unintended trail as I read the Word.

From Genesis 19 when Abraham departs with Isaac for the pivotal sacrifice on Mount Moriah,

to Moses warning Pharoah (Ex.8-20)

to the gathering of the manna (Ex.16:20)

to the preaching of the prophets (Jer. 7:25)

to the women at the tomb (Mt.28:1)

to the apostles preaching when miraculously released from prison (Acts 5:21)

and a multitude of other times…..

It seemed that almost everything I read happened early in the morning.

It took a year for me to get that perhaps the Lord wanted me to respond to this in someway, and many more years before there was any semblance of consistency.

  As I said, mornings are for people who like that sort of thing.

But as always the Lord was right, and I’ll be honest and say I really regret that it took me so long to get this.  Those quiet minutes before the household chaos begins are precious and sweet. My heart is so much more ready to meet them once I’ve had a quiet time of prayer and Bible reading. I know that you can read and pray anytime, and I did;

but there was manna in the morning.

If you have a new baby, nursing baby, are sick, or walking on any of the many paths that make sleep hard to get; this is not meant for you.

Sleep peacefully, sweet lady, whenever you can get it; and save this for a time when it will bless you, not burden you.

Just so you know…. I made lots of mistakes. That doesn’t thrill me, but it’s ok.

God is bigger than my mess-ups.

He’s bigger than yours too.