Homeschooling : Opening Day




I can feel the excitement brewing in your heart and home. It is almost opening day, the first day of a fresh new school year.

You want your kids to love being homeschooled, and let’s face it they’re bombarded this time of year with all sorts of back to school images that don’t look anything like their school.   The first day is a great time to remind them that homeschooling is awesome, and that family life is fun.

Sounds good but you’re already out of ideas?   Well, here’s a few to help get you started.


  1. If you’re really wanting to make a bang, consider having your first day back be a Homeschool Wacky Olympic Day.

We often did this as our homeschool opening day and played all sorts of wild and crazy games.   Race with water balloons between your knees. Blindfold your kids and see how many marbles they can pick up out of a tub of water with their toes and put in a bucket in a minute. On a side note and not to brag or anything, but if this was an Olympic sport, I have a daughter who could whomp them all. It’s a measure of how fun and memorable this is that this very lad- like daughter who is now a mom of many still will brag on her undefeated title.

Take a different color of yarn for each child. Unwind it through the house and outside. Throw it out windows, tangle it through trees, go upstairs, downstairs, under furniture, and around table legs. Wind around every tricky thing you can think of.  Go out the front door, around the house and in through the back door (it is amazing how long a skein of yarn really is). Then let the kids race to roll their yarn color back up in a ball. To be fair make the younger children’s skein of yarn shorter and easier, use the whole skein as they get older, and do some semi- impossible challenges for the teens.


  1. Consider a breakfast picnic.   Pack the kids up and take them to a park or outdoor play area, have breakfast outside and play. Or, do it in your front yard and then have….    Homeschool Wacky Olympic Game Day.


  1. Set up a treasure hunt. Early that up morning plant clues around the house and neighborhood that end up with some special school supplies, or a special treat for lunch.



  1. Take a field trip.   While everyone else is loading up on the school bus, pack your kids and take them to the zoo, local science museum, beach, or whatever fun and interesting place is near you. An added benefit is that these places tend to be pretty empty on the first day of school.


  1. Have a picnic lunch and fly kites. If you’re feeling adventurous, home-made kites are easily made with garbage bags and dowel rods. Having the kids design a structure that will fly is both challenging and fun.


6.  Try Air Force and Navy Challenge Day. Make paper airplanes (there are library books that give design ideas if you aren’t airplane makers)  Have challenges for longest distance traveled (always make it the best out of three tries to compensate for the inevitable occasional bad throw), best trick plane (for the ones that fly wonky no matter what you do), best design or artistry, and best carrier plane (tape pennies or paper clips to the wings).

For the Navy challenge make boats out of aluminum foil. Test them for weight by adding pennies one at a time until they sink.



The possibilities are endless. Any of these special days also work during the school year to spice things up and add a change of pace. I share these just as a spark your own creativity, and to encourage you in making the first day an awesome memory.

Praying the Lord richly blesses your homeschool this year.

Have an awesome first day back.

Let me know how it’s going, and how I can help you.

Help us all out and add yourfamily’s favorite first day activities in the comments.