What I learned from a little boy named Drew



I taught a Bible study at church recently on Dorcas. Yes, I can see your eyes glaze over at the thought of an hour-long  study done on a rather small passage about an obscure lady.   Talk about being nervous.  I’m frankly a pretty lame public speaker anyway, and  I assure you everyone’s eyes would glaze over whenever I’d mention Dorcas.

After all, when we meet her she’s dead.

We find out she’s noted for good works.   A praying church sends for Peter, and a praying Peter prays.

It doesn’t seem to have much to sink your teeth into, does it?
Well, in the course of my study for this teaching, I was reminded of a lesson the Lord had taught me this summer through a little boy named Drew.
Drew is the grandson of a lady I went to college with and he has fought a long hard battle with leukemia and the effects of the treatment. I’d followed the updates on him and prayed for him. This summer when he was just two treatments from completion, he got very sick with a virulent infection.

Urgent calls for prayer went out.
People prayed. From all over the world, people prayed. He progressed from sick to sicker and beyond, eventually ending up in the ICU on a ventilator for way too long. The calls for prayer were urgent. The situation was deadly serious. The pictures from the ICU were heartbreaking.  Thousands of people were praying for him including me…. for awhile. You see somewhere in all that suffering, I decided that this situation was so dire, the suffering so bad that God’s answer must be “no”, and I didn’t persevere in prayer. I continued to pray for the people involved, but I stopped asking for healing.

To God’s glory and my shame…. I was wrong.

God’s answer this time was “yes” and it excites me to say that Drew is an increasingly healthy little boy who has completed his treatments. His family is enjoying an especially blessed Christmas season this year.
So, you may ask…. What does this have to do with Dorcas?

When Peter prayed, Dorcas was raised from the dead. What an audacious thing to ask for and have answered. I’m afraid it wouldn’t have even occurred to me to ask.  The lesson here was a reminder that God’s people are to ask for and keep on asking for audacious things.

Perseverance matters.

Today I’m thankful for a little boy named Drew, who reminded this lady how important it is to persevere in prayer.

Have a Blessed Christmas Everyone!!