Homeschooling: Free and Easy, or Count the Cost?




One of my daughters is crazy thrifty.

Actually they all run in that particular race; she just happens to be the winner of cheap.

It’s her superpower.

If we’re honest, most of us can relate.  Who doesn’t love a bargain or even better…. free?  I think everybody loves free.

Just try to get in line for one of those promotions that offer a “free” ten dollars to the first hundred customers.  I’ve tried.  To get in line early enough, I’d seriously have to skip sleep.   It seems the entire town is in line long before I ever get there.

How about easy?

Everyone loves easy. Diet books and programs keep themselves in business by telling people how easy it is to lose weight with their book.  Face it, you can’t sell gym memberships by telling the truth about how hard it is to work off even one donut.


When the homeschool movement presents itself to those considering whether this is what God would have their family do, we’re doing them no favors when we present it as easy, low cost, or even free.  The truth is that homeschooling is hard work.   Curriculum costs money, and teaching people to read, write, and compute is hard work.

I’m seeing more young moms discouraged and disenchanted with homeschooling because what was presented to them is not what their day to day reality looks like.


Better we should tell them the truth.

Homeschooling is hard work.

Homeschooling requires sacrifice.

Homeschooling bites into your budget.

I admit that those things are not very appealing, but they are true.    I could easily say the same things about vacations and it wouldn’t deter anyone from taking one.  Why not?  Well, because people already know that the payoff is worth it.



Better we should tell people that homeschooling is worth it.


Homeschooling is one of the most powerful and life-changing decisions you can make for your family.  It gives you the opportunity to truly teach and mold your children’s values. It enables you to have that Deut. 6 relationship with them, teaching them about God while sharing day to day experiences together. It gives you the opportunity to raise them free from peer dependency.   It creates close sibling bonds and allows them the time to grow deep friendships with each other.

Most importantly, God honors it.

Is it free?  Nope

Is it easy? Nope

Is it worth it?

Absolutely without a doubt…..and that my friends, is the point.


Don’t homeschool because you think it is convenient, easy, or cheap.  Homeschool because the opportunity to raise your children with a foundation and mindset that is established in God and His Word is priceless.

And….. the fruit is eternal.