Father’s Day for Homeschooling Dads




It’s Father’s Day on the blog!!!  

WOOOO HOOOOO Drum roll please ….   

This blog is for all the awesome, wonderful homeschool Dads that I have been blessed to know.  Many of them have asked me questions about supporting their wives, and their practical role in day to day schooling. 

Questions like….

What do I need to do?

How do I help make this work?

 What does my wife really need from me??

 And… if I’m honest I’ve also pretty regularly run into homeschool Dads who are grudging participants.  They “let” their wives homeschool for now, but with the understanding that this is very temporary.  Their stance and demeanor declare that they are tolerating their wife’s conviction, not leading it.

If you’re a homeschool Dad in either camp or even somewhere between, this blog is for you.  After 27 years of schooling my family, I bring to you for Father’s Day some of what was most helpful for me and those many moms I’ve shared the journey with.

    Let me just say from the start that homeschool dads make a huge sacrifice to ensure that their families are raised in the Lord.  The cultural norm is two incomes.  It just is.  Life has gotten ridiculously, overwhelmingly, crazily expensive.  Dads whose family’s homeschool first off forgo the extra income that would come in if mom was a working mom instead of a homeschool mom, and then they also take on the extra burden of knowing that they provide the bulk of the family’s income.  We tend to take that for granted because the whole education task is such a Goliath one that we lose sight of some of what’s required for it to succeed. 


So how does a hard-working Dad support and oversee his family’s homeschool? 

  1. Provide for it without grudging.  I know I just made a speech about this, but it is foundationally important.  Curriculum costs money.  If you begrudge the money it takes to buy quality curriculum, your wife will feel that additional pressure.

 Believing God means Believing God… even for the money. 

Put feet to your faith and be generous in financially supporting your homeschool.


  1. Pray for it. Homeschooling is a huge responsibility and undertaking for any family. In most homeschool families the day to day work will be done by momPrayer is more powerful than anything earthly that you can offer her.  You can have the best curriculum and the money for the best of everything and if you have not prayed for your school; it will suffer.  The homeschool movement has prospered because God honored it.  God blessed it.  Seek His blessing, protection, and provision for your family.


  1. Encourage her and don’t discourage her. It is not helpful if every time she hits a snag or has a frustrating day, you offer to put the kids in school.  Don’t feed her doubts; feed her faith.  It is evidence of your faith in God to believe in His ability to use your wife.  Your faith is in God not in her, so don’t undermine her with your doubts or fears.  Let God carry those.



  1. Remember that your kid’s school experience is not going to look like the one you remember (unless of course you were blessed to be homeschooled yourself, but even then it will differ and that’s a good thing).  I think this is one of the biggest struggles for homeschool Dads; they fear the impact of “being different”.  It will help you to appreciate the value and strength that comes from a homeschool education if you educate yourself about it.  If you are one of those grudging Dads, take the time to investigate.  Read the statistics.  Get involved and get to know some local homeschool families.  Ask questions, read books, and attend your state homeschool convention.   Homeschooled kids have had unprecedented success in broad multifaceted ways. They have excelled in every occupation and stand out as beacons of light.   Don’t be afraid to be different.



So, here’s to all the amazing dads who inspire and enable us homeschool moms to be better and better at what we do.  Today’s blog is Father’s Day, because much is made of moms who homeschool… we’re told we’re amazing, patient, talented etc. (we’re also told things that aren’t near as flattering but that’s a topic for another blog.)   But…the unsung heroes of the homeschool movement are actually the Dads.

Thanks for all you do, and may you have a truly blessed Father’s Day.