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Art Classes

Art classes are done for the fall semester.  Yesterday, the kids got to show what they’d worked on this semester and I awarded ribbons for the best pieces. I have a love/hate relationship with awarding ribbons…. I love to award excellence, but on the other hand I hate to disappoint any of the artists.  It was especially hard this semester because so much of the work was wonderful.  Hope you enjoy.

Drawing 1 Class




Drawing 2 Class




Didn’t they all do a great job?



© 2013 Debi Coleman

This is the second in the series Horseplay entitled “Dumped”.  I’m not sure if this will more amuse the preschoolers or their moms who pick up what they dump everyday.   The toys are classic and the colors are kept primary to attract the younger set’s interest.  Interestingly the horses are painted from rodeo photos that I took last year.  Before moving to Oklahoma I’d really never been exposed to rodeo, but it is amazing to watch, and lots of fun to photograph.   Hope you enjoy the painting, and let me know what you think.



© 2013 Debi Coleman

There really is no way to explain this piece.  It’s pure whimsy, and part of the Escape From the Zoo series.  I’m not sure if it would make kids want a bath….. or not.   It’s really quite large at 18×21 and is done in colored pencil on paper.  Hope it makes you smile.



© 2013 Debi Coleman

This watercolor is part of a new series of children’s art entitled Horseplay.  There’s one other piece on the easel that should make it for the challenge, and then more pieces are scheduled to be ready this fall.   Hope it makes you smile.  Thanks for looking.

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Under the Bed


© 2013 Debi Coleman

What child isn’t worried about what’s under the bed?   This piece is intended to give them a fun answer.  Something’s going on just like they always thought, but there’s nothing scary there.   This piece is another in the  Escape from the Zoo series.   Like the other paintings and drawings in the series, the size differentials between the animals are purposely distorted, and the toys are classic ones.   Hope you like it.   No post on Sunday so I’ll see you again on Monday.

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