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Art classes are done for the fall semester.  Yesterday, the kids got to show what they’d worked on this semester and I awarded ribbons for the best pieces. I have a love/hate relationship with awarding ribbons…. I love to award excellence, but on the other hand I hate to disappoint any of the artists.  It was especially hard this semester because so much of the work was wonderful.  Hope you enjoy.

Drawing 1 Class




Drawing 2 Class




Didn’t they all do a great job?

Adoption is Beautiful #2 I Loved You Before I Knew You


© 2013 Debi Coleman

This is number 2 in the Adoption is Beautiful series entitled “I Loved You Before I Knew You”.  Here the mother leopard is portrayed loving and protecting her baby, before she’s even gotten to fully meet it.

The egg in this series is intended to be seen as a precious package, a new life adopted and welcomed into a family.   The identity of the egg is left intentionally nebulous because my focus at this point in these paintings is on the emotions and commitment of the adoptive parents.  Adoptive parents are special people that begin to love these children as soon as they hear that they are going to  have the privilege of bringing them in and making them a part of their family.  It is my desire to honor that commitment and portray it for the children, that they might know they were wanted and loved before they were ever even known.

The painting is done in watercolor on paper and measures 12×16.  Hope you enjoy this one and there’s more coming soon.  🙂

Foto Friday Random :)

Due to the government shutdown the Wichita Wildlife Preserve has been closed.  Happily it reopened late last week and Glen and I got up early to hike and take pictures.  We left the boys drowsing away…. I guess hiking early on a Sat. morning has limited appeal.


It was beautiful out, and there was even some wildlife.  I’d have gotten an awesome picture of the deer you see peeking through the grass here, if it hadn’t startled me and I consequently startled it.  You have to understand that unexpected things in the path have sometimes been dangerous (think random buffalo, rattlesnake, or copperhead).  I asked Glen why he didn’t warn me…. he said he didn’t want to scare the deer  (guess he figured I’d do that for him).  So the best shot I got was of the deer’s behind as he raced away (I figured I’d spare you that particular  shot).


I did get a heron shot, that is better than usual but still not what I’m looking for.


This time it was Glen who scared the heron away trying to get a little bit closer for a better shot.  (I had to smugly point that out, because I still feel badly about the deer).

There was only one snake…_DEB3723

Yes I know it’s just a garter snake, but he wanted me to take his picture with it, and since it wasn’t a rattler I was willing.  🙂

This next shot’s my favorite from the day.  I may use it for reference for a painting.


Have a lovely weekend everyone.  There’s lots of pieces in progress on the easel…. coming soon.  🙂



Taming a Wild Heart

Living in Oklahoma has given me appreciation for Western Art.  It’s not a form you see much of in NY where I’m transplanted from.


Taming a Wild Heart

©2013 Debi Coleman

The rodeo horses (where the reference photos for this piece originated) never cease to amaze me.  They are so angry that anyone dare to try to sit on their back that they will practically destroy themselves trying to throw the interloper fast and hard on the ground in the rodeo ring.  I’ve seen them get all four feet off the ground and land on their gut in sheer rage.  The heart of this horse is only resistant, not raging (perhaps because of the restraining rope).  Hope you enjoy.

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The Red Knight

Welcome to my medieval world where the Red Knight battles his eerie foes and makes a daring escape.  Are his foes real or is he just tilting at windmills?


©2013 Debi Coleman

Working on this was in part inspired by my group of second year art students.  I have a couple of students with strong preferences for the more abstract genres.  This one is for them, so they know their teacher appreciates their work (even when she makes them draw birds and get them right).  The painting is done in transparent watercolor on 300lb paper.  Hope you enjoy it.


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