Emerald Jewels


© 2013 Debi Coleman

Pieces like this are really fun to paint, which is nice for the artist.  Honestly though,  they really do have a message.  Simplicity is a good thing.  It seems to me lately that life is increasingly absorbed by media, which makes it harder to remember to appreciate the simple things in life that are real, bring real joy, and have real beauty.  The water droplets are a very serene image, intentionally designed to evoke peaceful emotion and create a recognition for those simple things we overlook everyday.

In case you’ve been curious, I’m adding a picture this time so that you can see the side of a gallery wrap canvas and how it becomes part of the whole image.

_DEB1673a Hope you like this one.  Let me know what you think.

Tetraptych or Quadtych

I’ll confess I had to look this one up.  I had absolutely no idea what you call a piece of artwork that is made up of four pieces which together make one whole. I really am someone who loves words, but this is one I never encountered before.   I guess you can use either term tetraptych or quadtych and it’s considered correct, and if I could pronounce either one I’d choose. 🙂 The piece itself has no title yet, as it is too new off the easel for me to be sure.  I love that the four pieces can be rearranged any way you want and it still makes a pond, but this particular arrangement is my particular favorite.  Each piece is an 8″ square on gallery wrap canvas.   Hope you like it.


© 2013 Debi Coleman

Adoption is Beautiful #1 Meet Your Brother


© 2013 Debi Coleman

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This is the first piece in a new series which will be emerging in the next few months.  The series is entitled “Adoption is Beautiful” in honor of all those families who open their hearts and their homes to give the gift of family, and gain the greatest of blessings, a child to love and raise.  I haven’t titled this piece yet.  I have considered “Who’s in There”, or “Meet Your New Brother”; but I am open to suggestions.  Let me know your vote, and what you think.  See you Monday.  * edited to say that I decided to title it “Meet Your Brother”*

Friday Fotos: A Vain Goose and more


© 2013 Debi Coleman

I live near the Wichita Wildlife Refuge and most weekends will find my family and I out climbing rocks with cameras in hand.   This last weekend I caught a goose appearing to admire her reflection in the water.  It made me laugh.  I realize the goose is actually fishing, but it’s funnier if she’s admiring herself, and I think she belongs in a painting.

The refuge is home to tons of species including : buffalo, elk, turkeys, prairie dogs,

DEB_7133  (this buffalo cracked me up… he was soaking his feet on a hot day)



DSC_0233   and of course snakes (yikes!!).   I almost stepped on him.


It’s a beautiful place , with deep shadowy valleys and towering rock cliffs.  I still miss the pine forests and crystal lakes of Western New York, but it’s hard to resist the allure of standing on the rock peaks in the ever-present wind.

DEB_7481aDEB_7766aDEB_7509  Hope you enjoyed the photos.  Back with artwork next time.



© 2013 Debi Coleman

This is the second in the series Horseplay entitled “Dumped”.  I’m not sure if this will more amuse the preschoolers or their moms who pick up what they dump everyday.   The toys are classic and the colors are kept primary to attract the younger set’s interest.  Interestingly the horses are painted from rodeo photos that I took last year.  Before moving to Oklahoma I’d really never been exposed to rodeo, but it is amazing to watch, and lots of fun to photograph.   Hope you enjoy the painting, and let me know what you think.

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