© 2013 Debi Coleman

There really is no way to explain this piece.  It’s pure whimsy, and part of the Escape From the Zoo series.  I’m not sure if it would make kids want a bath….. or not.   It’s really quite large at 18×21 and is done in colored pencil on paper.  Hope it makes you smile.

The Harbinger


© 2013 Debi Coleman

I couldn’t resist this title.  A harbinger is a person or thing that announces or signals the approach of another.  The coming storm is signaled by the bird (the harbinger in this piece) seeking shelter among the caves.  This is a more modern piece done in a “painterly” style where the image is suggested as opposed to tightly rendered.  It is a diptych with each of the canvases being 10×20.  You can get a really varied look based on how far apart you hang the canvases.  The thumbnail looks a little dark, the color shows more true if you click on it.  I love the piece, and had so much fun painting it. I hope you enjoy it.

Photos for Friday


© 2013 Debi Coleman

I have always loved art.  I can’t remember a time when I didn’t want to create the images I could see in my mind.  Photography, however, is a relatively new love.  Several years ago my wonderful husband gifted me with a Nikon SLR  for capturing images to use as photo references for my artwork.  I was hooked.  There is something so wonderfully immediate and almost tactile about digital photography.  You can see something beautiful or intriguing, capture it in a moment, and share that vision with others.  It’s really an artist’s dream.


© 2013  Debi Coleman

My garden provides a lot of inspiration for photography.  Let me know what you think.


© 2013 Debi Coleman

White Iris


© 2013 Debi Coleman

In keeping with the spirit of the challenge which requires a variety of styles and mediums, today’s piece is a traditional floral, done in watercolor.  The painting is  of an iris from my garden and is 12 x 16.  I  generally tend to shy away from more traditional subject matter, but I did find this one fun to paint.  See you tomorrow.



© 2013 Debi Coleman

This watercolor is part of a new series of children’s art entitled Horseplay.  There’s one other piece on the easel that should make it for the challenge, and then more pieces are scheduled to be ready this fall.   Hope it makes you smile.  Thanks for looking.

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