Harbinger’s Haven





Meet “Harbinger’s Haven” © 2014 my latest triptych.

  People say artist’s blogs are boring.  I have to agree.  🙂  They tend to consist of “look what I painted” and…”so do you like it?”  posts.

To avoid boring those who are kind enough to visit your blog, I’m told that you have to give the inspiration or story for the painting.  I don’t think it’s always conducive to harmony to tell you who inspired me if I’m painting

moody, murky, and mysterious.

  So you’ll just have to guess.  🙂

Sometimes it’s just a chocolate deficiency,

and sometimes

I’ve been seriously “inspired”.


The story however, is actually a continuation of the original “Harbinger” painting.  Exhausted by the storm which the first piece heralded, the harbinger is now finally headed for home.  The ethereal light is an indication of the storm’s passage, and thus it is safe for the harbinger to return to the nesting grounds.

The image is made up of three gallery wrap canvases each measuring 10×20″.  The whole piece is at least 30×20″ depending on how much space you put between each canvas.  The sides are painted and are an integral part of the image.



Here’s a close-up from the center canvas.


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Thanks for looking.